Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica

Oct 12, 2021 - Nov 3, 2021

Join me and a group of Muench Workshops pros on an epic journey to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.

Yellowstone Lamar Valley

Feb 5, 2022 - Feb 10, 2022

Join me on a winter photo expedition to photograph wildlife In Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley.

Lake Baikal

Feb 17, 2022 - Feb 26, 2022

Join me in Siberia to photograph the fantastic ice formations of Russia's Lake Baikal in winter.

Nenets Reindeer Herders

Feb 26, 2022 - Mar 5, 2022

Experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Nenets in the Siberian Arctic of Russia.

Antarctica Expedition

Nov 30, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022

Join me and a group of Muench Workshop pros for a photography expedition on the Antarctic Peninsula.

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