Snow Leopards and Pallas’s Cats Photo Workshop

Photograph two of the world’s rarest and most beautiful wild cats in Mongolia

12 days from $8,975
Jan 27–Feb 7, 2025
Feb 10–21, 2025
Feb 1–12, 2026
Activity Level
Moderate – Participants should have good balance and coordination, proper footwear, and an efficient system for carrying gear (ideally hands-free). Trekking poles are required for hiking in this terrain. We recommend that participants be in good physical shape, are prepared to hike at higher altitudes (typically 6,000 ft to 8,000 ft) over uneven, steep, and slippery terrain, and are comfortable carrying gear up to 1–3 km in below-freezing temperatures.
Group Size
Open for Registration
Limited to 6 Participants

The snow leopard and Pallas’s cat are two of Earth’s least photographed wild cats. We’ll travel to the remote western region of Mongolia to seek nature’s grumpiest cat, the Pallas’s cat, also called a manul. We will also look for the ghost cat, the snow leopard.

Our local trackers are skilled at locating cats, and we’ll spend long hours in the field to maximize our chances of an encounter. However, recognize that spotting the elusive snow leopard is not guaranteed.

Read more about our latest snow leopard adventure to learn what tracking these elusive cats is like.


  • Seven days photographing Snow leopards and Pallas's cats.
  • Trackers and guides are used to locate cats before our arrival and when we are on location.
  • A heated ger camp with generators is set up for our group near our photography locations to minimize travel times to the cats.
  • We travel with a private chef to keep you well-fed with meals you are accustomed to eating.