Home to fascinating nomadic cultures, vast landscapes, and a storied history, Mongolia is a unique destination for photographers.

On a Mongolia photography workshop, you’ll have the chance to photograph and interact with nomadic peoples, such as Kazakhs, who hunt using Golden Eagles in the Altai mountains, and camel herders from the Gobi desert. Mongolia is also home to unique wildlife, like Pallas’s cats and the rare and elusive snow leopard.

Our co-founder, Kevin Pepper, is one of the pioneers of photography travel in Mongolia. His decade-plus relationship with local guides and people means you will have a truly memorable trip. You’ll have private photoshoots, cultural tours, and family visits that no one else can access.

Join us for a photography adventure in Mongolia!

Mongolia Eagle Hunters and Gobi Desert

Join us for a photographic exploration of the nomadic cultures of Mongolia, including eagle hunters and camel herders.

Snow Leopards and Pallas’s Cats

Join us for an expedition in Mongolia to photograph elusive snow leopards and Pallas’s cats.

Naadam Festival and the Cultures of Mongolia

Experience the Naadam Festival in Mongolia, a vibrant celebration of nomadic culture. Photograph traditional costumes, ancient sports, and majestic landscapes. Visit horse farms, photograph wild horses, and witness eagle falconry on horseback. Explore Mongolia’s rich history and stunning scenery on this photo workshop.