The wildlife of Yellowstone National Park in winter

Three bison in blowing snow

Experiencing the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park is an amazing experience in any season, but winter is particularly unique. Snow and cold temperatures make for few visitors, but you’ll see lots of animal activity as they struggle through the harsh conditions.

I recently spent a week in Yellowstone during January, exploring the park’s north end via road and then the park’s interior aboard snow coaches since the roads aren’t passable. The occasional bison traffic jam can keep you waiting even on a snow coach.

The most memorable encounter of the trip was a group of three river otters who spent nearly an hour frolicking, grooming, napping, and swimming right in front of us. If you’ve never spent time observing otters, they are playful and hilarious.

You can purchase prints and view the full gallery of Yellowstone animals in winter or contact me for photo licensing opportunities. Also, check out the winter landscapes and geothermal features during the winter.

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Bighorn Sheep



Elk, Deer & Pronghorn