Canadian Arctic Northern Lights Photo Workshop

Chase the northern lights in one of the best places in the world to photograph the Aurora Borealis

Northwest Territories
6 days from $3,995
Sep 15–20, 2024
Sep 14–19, 2025
Sep 21–26, 2025
Activity Level
Easy – You must be able to stand outside in temperatures with average daytime highs between 49°F and 54°F and nighttime lows between 40°F and 43°F. There will also be hikes up to 2 km on uneven ground, where you must carry your camera gear.
Your Guides
Group Size
Open for Registration
Limited to 5–8 Participants

Yellowknife offers an ideal location for photographing the northern lights. Its high latitude makes aurora a regular occurrence, and the arctic landscapes and numerous waterways of the Northwest Territories make for photogenic scenes. We’ve been traveling to Yellowknife for a decade and know the best locations for great photographs.


  • Excellent opportunities for northern lights photography in compelling arctic landscapes.
  • We'll stay out late and rest during the day to maximize our chances for aurora.
  • Instruction on how to capture and post-process compelling photos of northern lights.