From the glaciers of Alaska to the wetlands of Florida, the United States offers nature photographers many opportunities in a variety of iconic locations.

In the Pacific Northwest, photographers can capture verdant rainforests, dramatic coastlines, old-growth forests, and towering volcanoes. The desert Southwest features stark vistas with arid, rugged landscapes and towering sandstone formations. The Rocky Mountains feature remote peaks and pristine alpine wilderness. And then there’s Alaska, the last frontier, home to vast icefields, spectacular mountain ranges, and abundant wildlife from bears, wolves, and eagles to whales and orcas.

The USA is also home to an extensive network of national parks, with gems like Yellowstone with its geothermal wonders and wildlife.

Join us for a photography workshop in the USA, where our instructors will take you to iconic and off-the-beaten path locations and help you hone your photography skills.

Mt. Rainier

Photograph majestic Mount Rainier National Park during the wildflower season with its volcanic landscapes, alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, and old-growth forests.

Katmai Bears

Join us for a brown bear photography adventure in Katmai National Park, where you’ll get up close and personal with bears as they fish for salmon.