Baja California is a place of striking contrasts, where the desert meets the sea, and diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems thrive. Wildlife photographers can expect to photograph remarkable wildlife, including migratory whales such as gray and humpback whales, playful sea lions, whale sharks, pods of dolphins, and an impressive variety of bird species. Baja Mexico’s pristine landscapes and crystal-clear waters provide an ideal backdrop for photographing these creatures in their natural environment.

On our Baja wildlife workshops, our local guides and naturalists will help you locate marine animals and educate you about their behaviors. Our instructors will offer insights on camera settings, composition, and post-processing techniques to help you return home with spectacular images.

Join us for a photography adventure in Baja California!

Baja Whales

Experience and photograph the spectacular whales, marine life, and beauty of Baja California on this unique photography workshop.