Arctic Landscapes and Northern Lights

January 31 – February 9, 2024

Join us along the Arctic Circle to photograph Norway’s dramatic Lofoten Islands and Senja Peninsula! Winter in Northern Norway is a magical experience, especially at night when the aurora curls in the sky and reflects on the sea. Our Muench pros and local guides know all the vantage points to get you the best shots!

We’ll photograph jagged mountain peaks in and around Lofoten and Senja, and icy fjords, frozen lakes, rocky seacoasts, white sand beaches, and rustic fishing villages will also be on display. With luck, and weather permitting, we will be treated to some of the best northern lights on the planet.

You’ll also learn techniques for high dynamic range shooting, panoramas, long exposures during the day (and night!), and star and aurora imagery. Our priority is photography, so expect to be in the field plenty! We will also feature our much-loved image reviews and post-processing instruction with Lightroom. Ready for a winter wonderland? Let’s go!

Lofoten and Senja, Norway
Jan 31, 2024 – Feb 9, 2024
Activity Level
Moderate – You must be able to walk in the snow and on icy surfaces with spikes and handle very cold temperatures day and night.
Your Pros
Talor Stone, Cody Duncan
Group Size
Sold Out
Limited to 8 Guests