Nenets Reindeer Herders

This unique adventure will have us immersed in the ancient nomadic culture of the Siberian Arctic. We’ll be staying in the winter camps of Nenets, the nomadic people of Yamal. There are few places as enchantingly remote as the Yamal Peninsula, deep into Siberia’s isolated Arctic region. ‘Yamal’ means ‘edge of the world’ in the language of the indigenous Nenets. The Nenets of Yamal carve out a unique way of life, seemingly at the limits of human tolerance. Each spring, the Nenets migrate from winter pastures on the Russian mainland to the summer pastures in the Arctic Circle, a one-way journey of up to 1,000 kilometers. This is your chance to experience a small part of this epic journey alongside these extraordinarily resilient people. Together with our hosts, we will eat traditional dishes, predominantly venison, fish, and taiga berries. Of course, there will be more familiar menus available as well. We will rest in sleeping bags, inside a traditional Chum. At night our hosts will run a generator to recharge our camera and computer batteries.

Is this workshop for you? If you like remote, exciting travel, and immersion in the local culture of one of the last great nomadic people on earth—then yes! If you can handle cold weather, long days and nights of shooting, and living with and photographing the reindeer herders as they do their migration, and as they live, then yes! 

Before this workshop, join us in Lake Baikal, the two workshops go perfectly together.

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Salekhard, Russia




Feb 26, 2022 - Mar 5, 2022

Activity Level

Moderate - Cold temperatures, snow and ice. Basic camping conditions.

Your Pros

Kevin Lisota, Vladimir Kushnarev

Group Size

Limited to 8 Guests
Open for Registration