Otherworldly Landscapes and Abundant Wildlife

October 3 – 15, 2023

Located off the eastern coast of southern Africa, Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and a biodiversity hotspot—fully 90% of its plants and animals can be found nowhere else on Earth. On this 13-day journey we’ll journey between a variety of landscapes—from ancient baobab trees to the surreal beauty of the tsingy (spiny) forest, and from rainforests to mountains, dry desert plains, and white sand beaches—and you’ll have the opportunity to photograph endemic lemurs, an assortment of rare birds, chameleons and other unusual reptiles, and other fauna. You won’t run out of photographic subjects! 

We’ve crafted our itinerary to comfortably cover the most ground possible, and to provide the greatest diversity of photo opportunities. Madagascar is a large country with limited paved roads and unreliable scheduling for commercial air travel, so we’ve chartered our own private flights to get us around safely and efficiently. Our accommodations are among the best and most comfortable available, and everything is all-inclusive, including gratuities for our excellent English-speaking local guides. 

Expect to be challenged and to learn a lot in this workshop. We’ll be looking for wildlife by day and at night (many creatures are nocturnal), and we’ll be photographing landscapes at daybreak, sunset, and even under night skies. We will be right beside you in the field, and later in the classroom for Lightroom post-processing instruction. We’ll also make sure to hold our signature image critiques. In addition to photographic instruction, your guides will teach you about the people, culture, ecology and conservation challenges of this unique destination.

This is a follow-on workshop to our Kenya safari.

Madagascar, Africa
Oct 3, 2023 – Oct 15, 2023
Activity Level
Moderate – Most of this trip is easy. The walks on the Tsingy are several kilometers in the heat and on uneven ground.
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Andy Williams, Richard Bernabe
Group Size
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Limited to 8 Guests