More Photo Pros. More Photo Ops. The Most Extraordinary Way to Explore Antarctica.

November 30 – December 11, 2022

Join us on one of the best ships that sails the Antarctic waters, the ice-strengthened M/VSea Spirit. We’ve assembled a world-class team of pro photographers, expedition leaders, and naturalists to provide photography instruction, information, and guidance throughout the expedition.

You’re not one amongst hundreds of other photographers on our expedition. We “own” the boat. We control the itinerary. This allows us to maximize photographic opportunities with as many shore landings and zodiac cruises as possible, and as many days in Antarctica as possible. Our ship is small, and can go to all possible landing sites. Our group size will be between approximately 70-80 guests, with 9 pros and 5 naturalists.

On this 11-day all-inclusive photographic expedition you’ll have opportunities to photograph the beautiful and diverse wildlife and incredible polar landscapes of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula. We’ve timed our expedition at the end of Antarctic spring and the very beginning of summer, when there’s still a chance for fresh snow and the wildlife is active. Penguins will be courting and egg-laying, and humpback whales will be arriving to feed in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding the continent.

This year’s expedition is longer than most trips: we have 6 days at the Antarctic Peninsula—more than most expeditions. Because our ship and group size are smaller, we have access to all approved landing spots in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica—we can go places where the large cruise ships can’t. Not only that, but our smaller group size allows us more time for photography at each landing, something that is severely compromised when you are on a ship that has hundreds of passengers.

You can expect to see and photograph abundant wildlife: whales (orca, minke, and humpback), seals (crabeater, elephant, leopard and Weddell), penguins (chinstrap, gentoo, and likely Adélie), blue-eyed shags, and many albatrosses, petrels, and other sea birds.

Everything is all-inclusive from the time we embark our ship until the time we say goodbye. There will be plenty of on-board instruction on wildlife photography, beginning and advanced Lightroom, photographic composition, technical refreshers, naturalist lectures, and more.

On board the Sea Spirit, there’s plenty of space in the common areas to relax, read a book, or talk photography. We have rooms available for instruction, lectures, presentations, image reviews, and critiques. Meals on board are quite good: the breakfast buffet has both continental and hot options, lunch is served buffet-style, there’s an afternoon tea in the common area, and the day ends with a three-course dinner. Mealtimes are set by us, and are based on our shore excursions—photography first!

Most Antarctica trips are not fully dedicated to photography, and because they are on tourist cruise ships with 150, 200, or 250+ passengers, they can’t get as close to the landings as we can. Our Zodiacs will zip you to shore safely and quickly, so you will have more time for photography. With Muench Workshops, you will be with like-minded photographers and travelers who are interested in maximizing every opportunity to capture amazing wildlife and landscape images, and to learn as much as possible from the pros and naturalists on the team. But don’t worry, your non-photographer spouse/partner/traveling companion will enjoy this expedition just as much as everyone else, and they too will enjoy the landscape and wildlife and the guiding from not only us but the expedition staff and naturalists.

We have single or twin cabins of various sizes and we have many suites as well. Tuition for this expedition depends on your choice of accommodation. Click for details on the ship, pricing, accommodations, and more

Based on cabin choice
Nov 30, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022
Activity Level
Easy - You must be able to get in/out of Zodiacs and walk on uneven and possibly slippery ground on land.
Your Pros
Andy Williams, Kevin Pepper, Randy Hanna, Kevin Lisota, Richard Bernabe, Talor Stone, Jeff Wendorff, Joseph Roybal, Matt Payne, Ceci Costa
Group Size
8 Spots Left
Limited to 81 Guests